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Cherche remplacement/locataire : Superbe chambre a Wudaokou 2400rmb/m

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Pékin Divers' créé par Yehminhin, 25 Juin 2013.

  1. Yehminhin

    Yehminhin Membre Bronze

    11 Mar 2011
    Hi everyone !

    I am leaving my apartment after 11 months spent there and will help the landlord to rent it out again ! Here is a quick description of this apartment, its situation and you shall find a couple of pictures as well below :

    • Located spot on Wudaokou metro station 五道口 , in HuaQingJiayuan compound 华清嘉园. Implying walking distances : 1mn from Wudaokou Metro Station, 1mn from Wudaokou bar street, 1mn from 2 malls (U Center and LOTUS), 1mn from Wudaokou fastfoods, 1mn from Global Village/Diqiucun School, 5mn from Tsinghua University, 10mns from BLCU, 15mns from Peking University, 20mns from Geology Univ, Forestry Univ. You have a copy/print center right on the ground floor of the building, you have a convenient store opened from 7am till 1am right outside the building.
    • It’s a three bedroom apartment, with shared bathroom and kitchen : I was sharing the apartment with a couple of 30year old Chinese, the landlords, and a Spanish student. It will not be a party apartment, but if you are looking for a quiet room, with quiet flat mates, you’re at the right place.
    • The 18sq.m room is furnished, with a king size bed, a desk, cupboard, drawers. It’s new or almost, and the room and apartment overall feel very clean.
    • The room has air-condition, working well though because of the great isolation and central heater, I never had to use it shall it be summer or winter.
    • A house cleaner is coming once a week to do the shared parts, but you can if you want ask her to clean your room for a small extra fee.
    • Because I will move to Shanghai, I have a couple of stuff Id like to sell if you are interested for a few hundred cny, such as desk lamp, speakers, bike, bed sheets and quilt, boiler etc.
    • The rent : 2400rmb/m
    • Minimum duration : 7months
    • Date of availability : around the week-end of the 14[SUP]th[/SUP] of July
    • Requirements : One person (No girlfriend/boyfriend allowed)
    • Visit time : available most of the time these next two weeks if the visit is organized a bit ahead.
    • Contact : (+86) 18801392547 : text me your name and 2 or 3 different times you could do the visit at. I will reply with the full address and the time/place for us to meet.

    It’s a very good room, exceptional price/quality ratio, I personally renewed my contract once my first of the two semesters was over. I lived 18months total in beijing/wudaokou/huaqingjiayuan (1 semester @ BLCU , 1 semester @ PKU, 1 semester @ TsghU ... ). I will be here to do the visit shall you have any further question, and I am sure you can meet the other flat mates if you want to and are flexible time wise.


    DSCN3972.jpg DSCN4063.jpg DSCN4070.jpg DSCN4071.jpg
  2. Yehminhin

    Yehminhin Membre Bronze

    11 Mar 2011
    re up !
    Available on the 11th of July.

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