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Cherche partenaire financier - Informatique et jeux

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par anthonyfrance, 8 Juin 2012.

  1. anthonyfrance

    anthonyfrance Apprenti

    8 Juin 2012
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    Je suis francais,je fais une recherche de Partenaire pour la creation de mon logiciel en synchronicite..Retour financier,tres important.Ci joins le texte en anglais.( Le texte en francais est disponible aussi )

    Je ne possede pas encore le logiciel,je fais mes recherches d'une maniere encore manuelle.Ma methode basé sur les mathematiques,la kaballe détecte plus de 130 chevaux Gagnants pas Mois.

    Je recherche un partenaire financier pour rentabilisé au plus vite cette Methode Mathematique.

    Je peut vous joindre tout les jours,la liste des gagnants PMU ( france ) Que ma methode aurais detecte,comme je le fais encore d'une maniere manuelle c'est fatiguant avec plus de 60 courses par Jour.

    Hier la formule a detecte un cheval a plus de 60/1.Vendredi 2 chevaux a 26/1 et le Gagnant du prix du jockey club dimanche a 33/1.

    Mes amities Anthony

    je possede une adresse skype : contact3.14

    En chine le livre du Yi King est basé sur la synchronicite.

    Dear Madam, Sir,

    I'm addressing you this letter because your company has the adequate profile to work with me on a project that for me is fascinating and surely rent-generating. Here are a few lines introduction to what I'm doing and I hope you will be interested in working with me on it.

    My works which create a bright interest on the net, open a new paradigm. I have been working on synchronicity and kaballah for more than eight years now. I'm now able to understand the matrix within which we live. Our existence looks like programming, each software has his own bug, the synchronicity and the kaballah allow us to detect future events. What is the kaballah ?
    In the kaballah, each word has a numerical weight.

    Ex - Mickael in table 1 = is equivalent to 54. (A = 1 - B = 2 - C = 3 -.Z=26. Gematrias use 9 tables. I also use the Guematria ( french has the world's richest grammar) it's works also in English.


    See the Wikipedia link for further understanding. Great researchers have tried to study this phenomenon that we still barely understand.


    My works and my experiences open a new way of understanding the laws of our universe.

    You convert letters into figures and from the resulting codes, can good indications be obtained?Indeed, a friend of mine who is a Canadian professor has even made a software that allows him to do his own researches :


    This type of software doesn't take into account what i'm really doing, I'm compelled to performe it maually.

    Having no scientific background neither being mathematician, to back up my researches, I use horse races. But it is very exhausting when for example I enquire on Pmu race with 10 on the start.For each jockey, horse ... I use about ten codes the whole multiplied by ten horses and ten jockeys. Each analysis take at least forty minutes of work for a single race.Each event has more than thirty races which represent more than ten hours of research per day just for races.

    Applying this software for my codes would make this kind of research faster.

    How can this software be useful ?

    For races, and more broadly for bet games.

    Results of researches on figures obtained with letters? Yes.

    Attached is a captured screen of Pmu of 2008 with a gain of 1750 Euros in two hours and in four races with fifty Euros bets. We are in 2012, the phenomenon has not depleated since then. I live from bets. My argument opens a new paradigm. Unfortunately I lack funding to make this software. I also have a very important percentage of resolved criminal affairs... !!!
    In France, I check the codes of each case which makes the headlines of the news using the kaballe and the guematria confirms what I argue.
    Last case in France:

    Elodie kubick (banker raped and killed in Picardie).

    Accidents also ?

    Yes, the case of this attorney in Paris who received a collection grenade which accidentally detonated.


    Serials killers too ? Yes, with the case of this serial killer in Essone as well as the case in Toulouse which was world widely known
    This means that, if one had access to suspects' files, would it be possible to pin point the guilty using the kaballah? yes.

    Sir, I have started my researches with racing and sport bets. One which works with one works also with the whole.

    I open a new way of understanding the laws of our universe thanks to the synchronicity.

    Regrettably, in France I meet only unskilled people with few or no knowledge in information and technology to make this software.

    I have understood what has not been understood by others yet. I know all the French kaballistes who publish on the Internet, their methods are good but their analysis are not.


    We have synchronicities which validate in figures and letters, actions with the same constant and the same result.
    Thus, I propose a commercial partnership with me to develop this software which is unique in the world not mentioning the high yield benefits in return.
    I highlight the very important yield in

    return for business is money. I had since month of December Montpellier champion of France at 9/1 , Chelsea winner of Champion’s League at 12/1. The exact score 1/1 and the equalizing at the 88th minute of Chelsea in the final.
    Owing to the Kaballah giving Chelsea as the winner...
    Applications for Iphones could also be set on the market...

    If you are interested by the deal, I don't speak English, so please be direct, because I pay a translator for each of your answers. If there is someone who speaks French in your team it would be more conducive to our exchanges. I have a Skype address.
    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this business opportunity.

    Yours sincerely,



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