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Charity Benefit Septembre 18

Discussion dans 'Shanghai Sortir' créé par Anonymous, 17 Sept 2004.

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    All You Can Eat + Drink BBQ w/ DJ Performance: Charity Benefit for David Ma on Saturday, September 18

    This event is partially sponsored by one of Shanghaiexpat.com's members, SynRG, and here's what he has to say about it:

    I write this to all of you with the utmost sincerity. David Ma, a friend and an employee of the Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is currently in desperate need of surgery. Unfortunately, the type of surgery required is well beyond the financial capability of the Ma family. Those who have eaten at Halong Bay may remember being served by David. Unlike many others in his line of work, David always performed his job with cheer and friendliness, paying careful attention to the needs of his customers. Just before he was diagnosed with his tumor, he was promoted from a waiter to a manager for his exceptional work at the Halong Bay Restaurant. David is 20 years old.

    Halong Bay Vietnamese Restaurant will be holding a charity benefit for the Ma family on Sept. 18th at their Pudong Lujiazui location, right next to Lujiazui park on the lake. We ask that all attendees donate 200 RMB or more and in return enjoy an outdoor all you can eat BBQ, free flow drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and live DJs all night long. We also ask that all who wish to attend or donate money please RSVP as soon as possible with Johnny, 131 6227 2171, so that the restaurant can estimate approximately how much food to prepare. The event will start at 7:00 and continue as long as there are still people.

    All food and beverages are being provided for free by Halong Bay restaurant in Pudong. All of the DJs will be performing for free, with their own equipment. ABSOLUTELY ALL OF THE MONEY COLLECTED WILL BE DONATED TO THE MA FAMILY to help pay for David’s surgery. We have so far raised 35,000 rmb and we have a goal of 120,000 rmb. Please help us forward this email to all of your contacts. I, Halong Bay, and the Ma Family sincerely thank you for your support.

    Saturday Sept 18th, 2004
    Halong Bay Restaurant
    15 Lujiazui Lu, by Yincheng Dong Lu. (5877 1231)


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