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Laura Vincent

Laura Vincent

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06 Mai 2016
Hello, bonjour, nihao!

Je cherche quelqu'un pour me remplacer dans la colloc ou je vis actuellement.
Ci-dessous tous les details!
N'hesitez pas a me contacter pour une visite ;)

8 minutes from Lujiabang Lu station
20 minutes from People's Square station
20 minutes from Xintiandi station

Traditional chinese area but with very cheap street food, markets and a big Century Mart. The building have a private gate and a guardian. It's quite and nice to live.

There is 3 others roommates, really nice. We use to make diner together and have movies nights. One of the girl is Chinese, she can help for the daily life and there is one German and one English boys. A new girl will arrive at the same period.

We have an Ayi (cleaning lady) who comes 2 hours each sunday and a repairman who come everytime we need (included in the fees).

The kitchen is fully furnished. We have a rice cooker, a toaster, a water healer, a dishwasher, a microwave, a clean fridge and everything you need to cook.

The living room have a TV with streaming program and western movies in VO. We also have the Wi-fi.

There is 2 bathroom, one is private. We have a washing machine and the bathroom is clean, I was lucky to have roommates who respect the flat.

My room is small but cosy, really well arranged and also very light.
The room have its own key, you can lock the door.
Double bed + desk + chair + closet

2600 rmb/month and there is 200 RMB for internet/gas/water/cleaning lady/repairman - so the total rent per month is 2800 RMB.
1,5 month deposit (3900 RMB).
You just need to find someone to take the room when you will want to move.

Contact me if you want a visit!

Wechat ID: raloklm

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