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  2. Il est important d'être conscient que le statut de stagiaire n'existe pas réellement pour les étrangers dans la plupart des provinces de Chine.

    Pour plus d'infos, voir : Stage en Chine / à Shanghai : légal ? quel visa ?

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Business Development Internship

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Grainni, 9 Août 2013.

  1. Grainni

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    9 Août 2013
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    Worldwide Business Development Internship
    Job Description:
    INVOLAR, www.involar.com

    Named on the top 10 list of innovative companies in China, Involar is a young and dynamic company in Shanghai with about 70 employees, a world leader in the development of Green Tech products, manufacturing and distributing around the world cutting edge solar technology.

    Products that the market is strongly excited about and eager to receive (warm responses for a good learning experience).

    We have a marketing team from all over the world from England, Japan, Italy, France, Korea, Portugal, Holland, US...! So you will feel "at home" while experiencing to work in a Chinese company.

    Due to the Str0ng demand for our product, we are looking for highly dynamic interns that can work in marketing teams and take part in an innovative way to work in a company. You will be part of a team and compete with other interns to be the best.

    Due to the high number of candidates, income will be performance based, every day is a chance to be the star and be rewarded as such.

    In the end of the internship you will also receive a diploma with your performance record, and a recommendation letter from the CEO, in case our performance was outstanding.

    In addition in this internship you will be able to:

    • Get a good feel for the cutting edge technology in Green Tech industry, in which China is the world leader and offer lots of employment possibilities.
    • To lead and be lead in a team - to be a manager and a team player.
    • Develop Str0ng inter-personal skills and relations.
    • Develop your own marketing tactics.
    • Deeply know the customers and develop relations to learn how deal with customers in the most efficient way, while treasuring them.
    • Learn how to develop new markets for exciting new technologies all around the world.
    • Learn to be bold and creative in your job.
    • Have FUN while working!

    If your are interested in the internship in Involar, pls send your resume to hrinvolar@involar.com

    Welcome to Involar!
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