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Bonjour la France ! espagnol pour l'échange de langue

Discussion dans 'Bienvenue sur BonjourShanghai' créé par UnPocoTimido, 11 Août 2008.

  1. UnPocoTimido

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    11 Août 2008
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    (M. Administrator : Désolé si ce message est ici !)

    Je fais des excuses car mon Français n'est pas très bon...so allow me to write in English.

    I am a Spanish guy working and living in Shanghai. I speak fluent English, Spanish and Mandarin. Next year, my company will set up offices in France or Belgium and had the great idea of sending me over to supervise it.

    I can read French and understand most of it, but my spoken french is limited. I need a partner to practice oral communication. In exchange, I can help you with your Spanish/Chinese/English.

    The only thing I ask is for you to be consistent. If you have some free time after work, one or two times a week, we can meet and learn from each other. Boys and girls are both welcome!

    You can check my username and find my MSN/Email address. Looking forward to hear from you.

    A bit about me: I am in my early 30s, born in Spain, educated overseas (UK, Ireland and USA) and living in China for well over 5 years.

    I hope this post is in the right forum, but if not please accept my most sincere apologies.

    All the best!

    Email/MSN: gaige_m[at]hotmail.com
    #1 UnPocoTimido, 11 Août 2008
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    Buenos dias

    Caballero como estas ? Porque estas timido, yo quiero aprender y hablar con ti en frances.

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