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besoin d'une chambre à Pékin?

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Pékin Divers' créé par rangoone, 13 Sept 2008.

  1. rangoone

    rangoone Membre Bronze

    17 Avr 2008
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    Hello !
    My name is Lucie and I just arrived to Beijing. I'm looking for someone to replace me in my roommate's apartment located near AndingMen Subway station (loop line) (5 to 10 minutes walk).
    The reason why I'm not staying is that I'm studying very far away from the apartment (1hour away) and the classes begin at 8 am which means that I must be out every morning at 7am and I want to be closer.

    Xu Wei, my roommate, is a very nice Chinese girl of 27 y.o. She's really sweet and we get along very well so I'm sad not to stay. She's easy to live with and very friendly. She can speak English but not French.

    Apartment : 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The room is quite big (I'd say 4meters x 5 meters but I'm not good with evaluating the size of a room). The building is old but everything works (apart from the lamp in the room that works only when it wants [​IMG] but Xu Wei told me she'd fix it).

    Rent : 2500 RMB including water and electricity.

    How to contact : you can either write to Xu Wei (theheavensea@hotmail.com) or to me (gerard.lucie@gmail.com). I think it's best to send your email to both of us!

    When is it available : now ! Actually I'm still in and I'm planning to stay here until next Friday but if you want to get in already, it's possible for me to move out as I already have my student room in my university.

    See you,

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