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ayi recommendation

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Shanghai Bazar' créé par knor-twix, 10 Mar 2015.

  1. knor-twix

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    8 Sept 2014
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    Availability: April 27th 2015

    Time: 6-7 hours / day and overtime for evening babysitting sometimes

    Abilities: babysitting / cleaning / ironing

    Language: Chinese / English

    Locations: anywhere in Puxi, she lives in Meichuan lu / Zhenbei lu

    I would like to recommend Ayi Betty. She has been working for us for almost one year and very well taking care of our son since he was 3 months old. She also does all the cleaning of the house and ironing of clothes better than any ayi we had before. We all the time communicate in English.

    We have found her to be very trustworthy and reliable. She works hard and does not need to be told many times. She also uses her initiative and understands and respects personal space as well. But most important she is warm and caring toward our son who likes her a lot.

    As we return to France, we will miss her and hope she finds a family that is warm and loving like her.

    For further details, contact me on my mobile: 134 8243 4105 or by email: celineroux@ymail.com or directly call Betty at 131 6236 0165

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