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04 Jan 2011

We would like to help our ayi to find a new family. This post is dedicated to parents who has children or about to have a newborn baby, as we did 2 years ago, and looking for somebody trustfull to nanny their child and also do everything in the house (cleaning, ironing, cooking, and so on).

Xiao Lü is 47yo from Anhui province and has grown 3 children, who are tall now, before to start the nanny job 15 years ago. She worked with 8 families (spanish, canadian and french families mostly) composed of 1 to 3 children, from new born to 8yo kids.

She took care of our son Paul since he is 3 months and it's a big pain to us that we need to leave shanghai and say good bye to her.

First of all, she is great with babies, experienced, took her mark very fast. She quickly adapted and organised herself at home. Very soft, gentle, she takes good care of our baby and in the same time cooking, cleaning, ironing and so on. She always make our son goes out twice per day morning and afternoon to meet other ayi with other children, everything is well articulated. Our house is always clean. And she is very silent. I work at home so I can tell.

Then a good quality of her is that she is old style nanny. Not phone addict at all, she barely use it, mostly to send us pictures or videos of our son Paul playing with other kids in the coumpound. She is not lasy and she takes initiative. If there is a hole in one of your clothes you will discovers some time later that she fixed it by herself without saying. If there is something that she does not do, just need to tell her, she integrates it and will regulary do it.

She is easy, kind and simple.

She never refuses to do extra hours if you wanna go restaurant or even to stay home if needed.

If the baby is sick, she very fast understand it and report to us.

She cannot speak english. Today our son can understand both chinese and french, and also start to speak both languages.

Xiao lv is looking for a family starting by january or february located in Hongqiao area, Changning district, Xujiahui, Qingpu district or west Jing'an district or French concession. Earlier starting can be discussed.

Today we pay her 7000rmb per month, including her lunch food (she eats noodles and rice everyday) for 9 hours per day (9am to 7pm). The hours can be earlier, she can adapt.

For sure there is many other things to say so if you need any information you can contact me 18217708274 or Clotilde 15216882490. Or Xiao lv directly 15021142240. You also can come home to meet her anytime.