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Atelier de Photographie

Discussion dans 'Shanghai Sortir' créé par COHUB, 7 Août 2012.

  1. COHUB

    COHUB Apprenti

    20 Juil 2012
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    6 week Workshop: Introduction to photography (5 sessions + an exhibition)

    This beginner level workshop is focused on providing skills and knowledge to a good photo-shoot, understanding your objects and how to improve your skills in photography without having to buy fancy gears. You can bring any camera you currently have from DSLR to point & shoot but they must have a manual mode. At the end of the workshop, you will have a chance to showcase your works with friends and family in an exhibition/party with foods and beverages. Click here or email reservation@thecohub.com to sign up.

    Beginner Level Workshop A--Weds, 7-9pm; starting in mid/late August (Aug. 15 or 22)
    Beginner Level Workshop B--Sat, 10-12noon; starting in mid/late August (Aug. 18 or 25)

    Cost: Total 1800RMB, including all fees for 5 sessions (10 hours) + an exhibition party

    Size: Intimate group of 6-8 people


    927 Huai Hai Road (M), by Shaanxi Road (s), Building 90; Provided by COHUB, a creative co-working space.


    Equipment & Exposure

    - Understanding the camera and your body
    - Exposure: aperture shutter speed and ISO

    Exposure Control, Understanding Light Meter & Colors

    - Light meter & exposure modes
    - Histogram
    - Exposure compensation
    - White Balance

    Color and Composition and Image Design

    - Angle, perspective and the rule of thirds
    - Dimensional resemblance, expression of an idea and project development

    Depth of field

    - Contrast, quality and direction of the light
    - Panning and zooming

    1-2 Field Trips

    Final Showcasing/Exhibition

    - Invite your friend and families to come appreciate your works
    - Shanghai Lane house gallery
    - Foods and beverages provided

    Photographer Bio:

    Venezuela-born photographer, Lucy Landaeta, has years experience cultivating her career in New York City shooting events, weddings and portraits, and teaching private photography workshops. She recently moved to Shanghai to expand the experience of documents people’s greatest moments through the camera. 6 months in Shanghai and she has already working on some of Shanghai’s popular events, like TEDx Shanghai.

    Lucy has Bachelor degree in Architecture (@ ULA). After some years working with shapes, forms, materials, light, and specially proportions, dimensions that gave her an accurate sense of perspective that once has been using in photography creates outstanding results in the notion that “moments are wrapped by space; activated by people and seasoned by feelings”.

    To know more about Lucy, Please visit:

    Location Provider:

    COHUB Shanghai is a unique co-working space for all types of people from a variety of backgrounds, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, creative minds, artists, start-up businesses, or anyone who is tired of working alone. Our goal is to build and inspire the community around us, bring life to individual work. COHUB also organizes networking events, workshops, movie nights and a various social gathering for the community.

    To know more about COHUB, please visit:
  2. Caprice

    Caprice Ange

    13 Avr 2011
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    En français ça donne quoi??

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