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Assistant of Sales Manager

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par MCPOIRIER, 15 Sept 2014.


    MCPOIRIER Nouveau Membre

    15 Sept 2014
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    The company :
    Carré Bio is a French company created in 2008 in Paris. We specialize in sales of high quality food product, such as meat and sea food. Our customers are mostly hotels and restaurants.
    We are at the beginning of our development in China. So it’s a great challenge and opportunity to come on board at this early stage.
    Missions :
    In general, you will be assisting the director in every way needed. Especially, you need to translate from Chinese to French or English.
    Day to day activities :
    * Participate to the commercial appointments with customers
    * Find new potential customers
    * Provide customer service on a daily basis
    * Take care of the administrative work
    Required Skills :
    Spoken language : Fluent in English and / or French
    Minimum educational background : bachelor
    2 years of previous work
    Computer skills : Word, excel, powerpoint
    Personal skills : enthousiast and reliable
    Income :
    5 000 CNY à 8 000 CNY
    Location: Shanghai

    Thanks for sending you CV to mc.poirier@hotmail.fr
    #1 MCPOIRIER, 15 Sept 2014
    Dernière édition: 15 Sept 2014

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