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Offre Emploi Assistant du China Studio / Shanghai

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par chinastudio, 12 Juil 2016.

  1. chinastudio

    chinastudio Nouveau Membre

    14 Août 2014
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    As China Studio is growing fast, we are looking for an administrative and events’ assistant. The assistant will work under the responsibility of China Studio Director, he/she will manage several administration tasks and follow-up events proposed along the year.

    Administrative multitasks:

    - Everyday tasks: follow-up of emails, phone calls, appointments, copies / scans, orders of China Studio furniture and material, make sure China studio is opened each morning, always cleaned, ranged, functional, prevent needs, archives and update of contact list.

    - Administration: follow-up, with China Studio Chinese academic partner, Shanghai University Fine arts college in 2016/2017, of all the students and foreign staff visa and resident permit procedure, and other administrative tasks.

    - Pedagogy follow-up : make sure China studio rules are well followed, absence of students, order and subscription of pedagogy material, subscription of the students to language tests.

    - Accounting and financial tasks in relation with French administrative teams:

    - keep the cash,

    - collect and check the receipts (bills) justifying the outcomes,

    - enter the data into the follow-up (excel tool),

    - check and count the cash to compare to the theoretical amount given by the follow-up,

    - explain the variances.

    - Regular translations English/Chinese or Chinese/English; punctual interpretation tasks.

    Events follow-up:

    - follow-up of various China studio guests: reservations/ schedule/ interpretation/ meetings’ reports, installation in Shanghai of new foreign members and guests of China Studio.

    - follow-up of pedagogical and cultural events during the year.

    - Offline and online, internal and external Follow-up of China Studio communication.

    Profile of the candidate:

    - Chinese national with at least a Bachelor degree or a diploma in secretary or accounting fields.

    - Good level of English, French is not an obligation.

    - Good knowledge of Chinese University administration.

    - Good knowledge of secretary skills (EXCEL and WORD are a minimum)

    - Social and proposition making skills needed.

    Proposal :

    Full time contract signed with FESCO human resources company, with a mission letter from China Studio - 35 hours/week. From Monday to Friday 8:30-11:30 / (lunch break)/ 12:30 pm-4:30pm + time flexibility needed in case of events/delegation/rush times.

    First contract of ending 27th of January 2017. Then new contract starting February 1st on the basis of 12-month contract, renewable tacitly or denounced with one month's notice.

    1 month trial period.

    Salary: 6000 RMB (gross salary) /month during 12 months.

    200 RMB/month of transportation reimbursed.

    Days-off until 2017, January 27:

    - 1 week Chinese holidays: October national holiday (from October 1st to 7)

    - 2 weeks French break: Christmas & New Year (from December 19, 2016 until January 4th, 2017)

    - Chinese traditional official festivals (sino-japonese war, mid-Automn festival)

    contact: chinastudio@lecolededesign.com

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