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ARTOVINO - Job Offer / Offre d'emploi - Sales Representative Full-Time

Discussion dans 'Annonces Emploi à Canton et Stages' créé par ArtoVino, 2 Déc 2011.

  1. ArtoVino

    ArtoVino Apprenti

    2 Déc 2011
    Zhujiang New Town, Tian He District
    +0 / -0
    ArtoVino is a young and dynamic company based on the importation of good quality wines from France and Germany, opened in August 2011. It aims to represent the savoir-faire of several hundred years old winemakers from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone regions.
    On the 2nd floor, you will find a VIP room where you can enjoy a glass of wine with friends or relatives, or even plan events by privatizing the place.
    As art lovers, painting exhibitions are often organized in order to let young Chinese artists develop their networks.

    ArtoVino is seeking a Sales Representative (Full-Time position):

    Roles and Responsibilities:
    • Visit wine shops, relative hotels and restaurants, and large multinational companies. Provide market strategy and develop wine regroup-sales market.
    • Contact customers and related departments. Build-up further business partnership.
    • Manage sales performance, pipeline development and forecasting.
    • Str0ng sales experience in articulating and selling of wines which includes company’s planning and delivering.
    Skill Requirements:
    • College degree or above, marketing or business management major is preferred.
    • Good management and marketing knowledge experience is required.
    • Understand team sales objectives and link to personal targets. With good affinity, adaptability, independent learning and interpersonal communication ability, hard work, Str0ng sense of responsibility and team spirit.
    • At least 1 year experience of sales in wine and spirits field. Enable to work under pressure.
    • Passionate in wine industry development with strongly market development ability.
    • Appropriate restaurant or retail background is preferred.
    Work Location: Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou City
    Monthly Salary: Salary Negotiable, Commission, Benefits,Bonus
    Work Schedule: 6 days per week

    Diane MARLIN
    +86 134 3031 2380
    Tel: +86 20 3802 9543
    Fax: +86 20 3873 8179
    Unit 105, 70 Jin Sui Road, Zhu Jiang New City, TianHe District, Guangzhou City
    Website: www.artovino.com (will be available soon) http://www.gzstuff.com/profile/artovino

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