Appartement 50m2 dans la concession francaise - Loft style - 6000



13 Nov 2014
Bonjour a tous,

Je quitte mon appartment situe sur wulumuqi road / Jianguo Xi road donc en plein dans la concession francaise. Voici l'annonce en anglais, sachez que mon contrat s'arrete en Avril, vous pouvez donc envisager le court terme. Je donne egalement mon Vespa avec l'appartment :

I am leaving the neighborhood to get closer to my work place.
This loft is in two part with a living room and kitchen downstairs (25m2) and the bedroom and bathroom upstairs (25m2). So totally, the appartment is 50m2.

It is facing the south so you have sunshine all day long through one big window. Another window upstairs on the corridor.

You have internet and IPTV box to watch many movies both chinese and foreigner

Regarding the location you are in wulumuqi south road near hengshan road very popular for bars, restaurants...

Closest metro is :
Zhaojiabang road (1m walk) 7/9
Hengshan road (2m walk) 1
Shanghai Library (10m walk) 10

My contract is to take over until April 2017, feel free to continue afterwards.

Contact me asap for further information, i am not agency.
Wechat : jnthnacco

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