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23 Oct 2005
Yindu Fuckin' Lu
Salut a tous,
Je viens de trouver un nouveau club d'aikido pour les passionnes d'arts pour les banlieusards de Minhang ligne 5 comme moi..les cours "debutants" sont a 200kuais/6semaines et 1800/annee...le club est situe dans le auchan.
J'irai y faire un tour ce weekend pour voir...Quelqu'un connait? ou est interesse?
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Shanghai Ziyou Aikido Club
What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern martial art developed from centuries-old Japanese techniques for self-defense. It is a study of movement, much like yoga or dance, except that it occurs in the context of self-defense. It is similar to judo, as effective, but not as combative. Training enables the practioner to develop an integrated movement pattern that promotes health as well as the ability to resolve conflict safely and effectively.

The essence of all Aikido technique is the use of total body movements to create spherical motion around a stable, energized center. Even when a technique appears to be using only one part of the body, close observation reveals the Aikidoist's movements are, in fact, total body movements. Properly executed, some techniques are spectacular; sending an opponent flying through the air. Others are small, deft movements that immobilize the aggressor. Both results are achieved through precise use of leverage, inertia, gravity, and the action of centrifugal and centripetal forces. Ultimately, it is the energy of the attack itself which brings down the attacker.

Wednesday, 19.00-21.30
Saturday, 15.00-16.30

Beginners classes start regularly.
Registration open now.

Info hotline: 54733396, 54733397, 54733398
English hotline: 15900776350, 13917302112
Website: http.//

Shanghai Ziyou Aikido Club
hosted by Shengding Gym
B1, 2088, Dong Chuan Rd. / Metro line 5