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A pleines mains, ventes de déco,80% de nouveauté

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Shanghai Bazar' créé par Audrey.P, 3 Mar 2009.

  1. Audrey.P

    Audrey.P Membre Bronze

    18 Nov 2008
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    Dear All,
    A Pleines Mains works since 10 years to help the neediest,
    some projects : supporting a group of volunteers working in leprosy villages in south of China to give them daily health care, rebuild their houses or dispensaries, buy medicine, pay for hospital,
    a home for orphans to get cleft palate surgery in Xian,
    building bathrooms in an orphanage in Anhui
    More about our projects you can ask on apleinesmains@yahoo.com
    our income : different type of private sales, donations from other groups or companies
    sale of books : very useful like Passeport Shanghai, or wonderful to know better old Shanghai : 10 walks in the french concession,
    100% of our benefits are given to the projects
    so please pass this information Your help can make the difference !
    1/ APM REGULAR SALES, 80% for kids, at Isabelle Donadieu’s house, phone 59888500
    WHAT: Great bargains
    For children: second hand shoes and clothes washed, ironed and in perfect condition, childcare objects, new and second hand toys, books
    For adults: New clothes, second books, Shanghai 10 walks guide books, new objects as suitcases, Jansport kind of bags…
    WHEN: Every second and fourth Wednesday except april 8th, of each month, from 9:00am to 2:00pm; whatever the weather; as it is now inside. No sale on the 8th of April and holidays.
    WHERE: 258 Gaojing lu, Violet Country Villa, House #86, inside in the basement.
    2/ CHINA MOOD SHOWROOM, at Agnes Cassagne’s house, cell 159 0215 4438
    WHAT: Only high quality new merchandise (Clothes, bags, purse, belts…)
    WHEN: Every Wednesday from 10:00am to 5:00pm except holidays
    WHERE: In the same compound than Isabelle, 258 Gaojing lu, Violet Country Villa, House #116.
    3/ APM DECO SALES, 80% new items, at Claire Rechatin, cell 135 6455 5314
    WHAT: New objects (only sold abroad) for house or garden decoration. Always new treasures, many second hand books and bestsellers, music, DVD, second hand clothes and shoes in very good condition
    WHEN: Around once a month, according to the Companies and people’s donations.
    Next sale is on the 6th of March from 10:00am to 7:00pm and on the Saturday the 7th of March from 10:00am to noon.
    WHERE: Xijiao Sate Guest Villa East Park, 1919 Hongqiao lu, (# Hongxu lu), house #G-06.

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