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3 chambres Line 2 East Nanjing rd station

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par kapikapo, 25 Mai 2011.

  1. kapikapo

    kapikapo Membre Silver

    18 Déc 2010
    Bonjour a tous,

    Je sais, je dois ecrire en Francais.... Mais avec mon clavier qwerty durdur dur

    merci pour vos rep

    3 bd, line 2 in a charming Apartment

    Hello at all,

    3 bedrooms will be available in my beautiful and big apartment in 'The Riverside' complex.
    - 1 bedroom available between the 20 June to 1st July
    - 2 bedrooms available between the 20 july 1st august
    If you are a student, you can stay in the apartment 6 months, 1 year or more. This is no problem

    It's a bright and spacious apartment with a beautiful view of Shanghai. .
    You have nothing to buy; all is including in the apartment! Just take your clothe.
    We are the 19th floor of a beautiful building with a clear view of the Bund and Pudong.

    A gym is include in the building and a big SWIMMING POOL (perfect for august).(all is inclue in the price)
    The apartment has 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, comfortable living room, a spacious kitchen (espresso machine, oven, microwave, washing machine, fridge, 2 TV, wifi, cooking staff, and all other necessary equipment) storage room and big open balcony (total size apt 190 Sqm).

    It's very well located
    - Bund (10 minutes)
    - PPL's square (4 minutes)
    - Nanjing East Rd Metro station (4 minutes) Line 2
    - Tiantong Lu Metro station ( 6 minutes) Line 10

    All the rooms are equipped with a huge window, double bed, closet, cupboard, nightstand, desk and wifi, air conditioning. The dimensions of this 3 rooms are sensible the same.

    The price is 2500 RMB / room, the agency deposit is 3500RMB.

    I would like to live with somebody easy- and outgoing (21-29).
    About me, I am French, 26 years old and I work here.(ask me question ;) )

    If you are interested and fit the profile, we are very happy to invite you over to show you around and meet each other.

    Please contact me via the website or
    Mobile phone : 136--8190--73--57
    EMAIL : kapikapo AT Hotmail DAT com

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    #1 kapikapo, 25 Mai 2011
    Dernière édition: 26 Mai 2011
  2. kapikapo

    kapikapo Membre Silver

    18 Déc 2010
    Pas de rep....Dommage ;)
  3. Orang Malang

    Orang Malang Alpha & Oméga
    Membre du personnel Modérateur

    23 Oct 2005
    Je pense que beaucoup ont essayé de te joindre mais n'ont pas trouvé le chiffre "HEIGHT" sur leur combiné ...

    Ok, je sors ...
  4. kapikapo

    kapikapo Membre Silver

    18 Déc 2010
    Grave comme tu as raison. J ai fais ca en speed au boulot lol merci

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