3 bedrooms in beautiful apartment 5 minutes from metro Xujiahui



Membre Gold
01 Oct 2012
Perfect rooms to visit Shanghai as a couple or for Jiaotong University students.

This is the best place to be in Shanghai. You have an absolutely beautiful view on all of the green areas around and also on the towers of Pudong from your apartment.

You have a are 5 minutes walk from metro Xujiahui and Jiaotong University: 4 metro lines : (line 1, line 9, line 10, line 11) so everything in Shanghai is close.

You have access to a big bedroom with king size bed, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, washing machine, storing room.

You are in the very center and are no further than 20 minutes from anywhere in Shanghai.

The area has all the restaurants, the shopping malls, art galleries, outdoor cafes, art galleries, electronics malls, pubs, night clubs, public parks and historical places

Also, huge parking under the building

Biggest bedroom (Trees and Triangles)
250 RMB per night or 4500 RMB per month ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED
No agency fee

Bigger bedroom (Cat and Forest)
220 RMB per night or 4000 RMB per month ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED

Smaller bedroom
130 RMB per night or 3200 RMB per month ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED

Contact me (Ben) by phone 156 1892 8329 or email through Craigslist or by Wechat : yadoya

Pictures available here :