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3 bedroom appartment - 8500kwai - from June (possibly ealier) - French Concession

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par Baff10, 18 Mar 2013.

  1. Baff10

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    30 Sept 2011
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    IMG_0379.jpg IMG_0364.jpg IMG_0365.jpg IMG_0367.jpg IMG_0371.jpg Hi

    We are leaving our appartment in June (possibely earlier if needed). So it is free to take.
    The major advantage of the flat is being located in the centre of the French Concession, next to all entertainements!

    It is a spacious:
    - 3 bedrooms: 2 small ones around 12sqm & one big (around 16smq) all equiped with 3 or 4 closets.
    - a large living room 40sqm
    - a bathroom
    - a large kitchen
    - a terrace to enjoy sunny days

    The apartment is very well located: Fuxing Zhong Lu cross Fenyang Lu.

    • 10m from the LAWSON (very practical!!)
    • 3 min from metro Changshu lu (lignes 1 et 7)
    • 5 min from metro Shaanxi Lu (metro 1 et 10)
    • 3 min from bars, restaurants, clubs: dong hu lu, Yuyeang lu, Abbey Road, Hollywood, Camel...
    • 5 min from HuaiHai lu shops: Zara, H&M, Lacoste...
    • their are also bus station

    The rent is 8500kwai for the month. For the location this is a very good deal!
    There would also be the charges: not so hight, around 300rmb
    Ayi comes 2 times 3 hours per week: 450kwai (the time she comes can be negotiated)

    We have enjoyed very good times in this apartment: easy to invite lots of people, lovely to live in, enjoying the terrace...!
    Hope you will enjoy it then!

    You can contact me.
    #1 Baff10, 18 Mar 2013
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