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3 bedroom apartment for rent (near People Square and Nanjing West road)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par emmali, 16 Sept 2010.

  1. emmali

    emmali Membre Bronze

    16 Fev 2009
    It is a 170 square meters apartment located on the corner where Fengyang road meets Chengdu road, walking distance to People Square (metro line 1, 2 and 8), Westgate Mall, and 10 minutes’ walk away from Shi Men Yi Lu of metro line 2.

    In front of the Fake Market, 5 minutes walking distance to Nanjing West road and Wujiang road(famous snack street with TERA WELLNESS Fitness club, Western and Asian restaurants, Cafés, Convenience shops, etc) with Nanjing West Road station of metro line 2.

    Apartment in First Block. It is on 8th floor and in building 11 which is the central of First Block. It is very quiet and the windows face to south and north, so get a lot of light and also very airy. There are 3 bedrooms plus one maid's room, if you don't need a maid's room, it will be a perfect storage. 2 bathrooms plus one toilet. The living room is very spacious.

    Rent 11000 rmb/month, starting from mid-October 2010

    For more information or pictures, please call me at 13162730172 or email at emmali1301@gmail.com

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