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2200 rmb for a nice room in a 95m2 clean new appt in Beixinjing line 2

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par krikriksl, 25 Jan 2013.

  1. krikriksl

    krikriksl Membre Actif

    23 Nov 2011
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    Hi everyone!

    We are a young couple, Christelle (french girl) and Jimmy (chinese guy) and we are living in a wonderful apartment in Beixinjing. We are looking for a roommate to shared this 95m2 apartment.

    The apartment is very clean, and everything is new! It is fully furnished with TV, fridge, washing machine, microwave, water fountain , dishes, internet, hot water... we even can provide you the pillows and blanket! Anything you need to be comfortable, we can discuss about it and offer it to you. We dont have an oven now, but I plan to buy one.. We lso dont have an Ayi, but we can discuss about taking one if you are too lazy to clean a bit^^

    The situation is perfect! We are less than 8 min to the subway line 2 Beixinjing, supermarket, restaurants, mc donald, starbucks, market with cheap fruits and vegetables... everything here is cheaper than the center, but because we are on line 2 it is very convenient to get there (15 min to zhongshan, less than 30 min to Renmin)
    So why not paying less for THE perfect flat, and eat good food for cheap price,? just sacrifice 30 min of your time, and you could save money!
    We are in a very calm place. We cant here any cars, and this is soooo rare in Shanghai!

    Regarding our life style, we are very clean people, so we wish to have a clean roommate too^^ We want someone that could respect eachother. In February we will be home all the day because both of our job are starting in March. We like partying during the weekend, free to you to join us^^ we like to invite friends home, so of course you could do the same.. just hope that we could agree on the dates^^ And we are not living alone, we have a small cat too so i hope you dont have any allergies! He is not boring at all! very cute, but less than a year so he likes to play. He is very clean too!! You even wont notice that he is there!

    If it is your first time in China, we can help you with all the administration papers and so on... We also can introduce you china^^ and teach you french or chinese! (at home, we speak only chinese)

    Of course if you want to stay alone in your room and dont care about us, we wont be boring^^

    Anyway, you are free to come vising your room when you want and discuss about anything you need! we are ready to invest (a bit) to welcome our roommate!

    Minimal rental periode: one day, one week, one month or 6... anyone is welcome.. short term rental is preferable, but everything is negotiable
    price: 2200/month (first pay 1 months rental + 1 month deposit; have to pay the next month 2 weeks before the end of the month)
    room size: around 18m2, new bed, one desk, one balcony, 2 big armories

    Waiting from you^^


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