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2 ayis dispos en novembre

Discussion dans 'Etre Parent a Shanghai' créé par ralljulie, 22 Oct 2010.

  1. ralljulie

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    14 Sept 2010
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    Voici une annonce pour placer nos 2 ayis que nous adorons mais que nous quittons suite a notre retour en France.

    · Lu ayi: she is our cleaning ayi (clean, iron, pays bill, ect…) and has been working for us since we are in Shanghai, for 4 years. She is very reliable, dynamic, trustworthy and smart. She worked only for foreign families and is in her 50’s.
    She is working 2 to 3 hours almost every day and is looking for a part time position (more than 3 hours is ok).
    We recommended her to a few friends and they were all happy with her.
    She also plays a lot with our baby and is interested also in a position, in which the work would involve taking care of a young child.
    She will do everything except cooking (but ok to cook for kids).
    She is looking for a job in Puxi and Pudong and will be available on the 1st of November.
    Her phone number is: 13472513417
    · Xiao Li: She is our nanny and takes care of our 9-month old baby since I was back from the maternity.
    She was recommended by a US family and worked for Indonesian and Spanish families before.
    She is very good with our little one and take very good care (daily care, cook food, ect…) of him.
    Xiao Li also do shopping for us, take care of the household and prepares food.
    She works 11 hours per day for us (not a live-in position) and also do babysitting for us too.
    She is looking for a job in Puxi (Jing’An, French concession and Luwan) and Pudong (Lujiazui) and will be available starting from mid November.
    Her phone number is: +86 13512189736

    Si vous avez des questions, merci de me contacter sur mon mail: ralljulie@yahoo.com

    Contactez les de la part d'Olivier.
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