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1chambre, 3200 RMB, Colloc internationnale en plein centre (people square)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par lumae, 15 Juil 2013.

  1. lumae

    lumae Nouveau Membre

    15 Juil 2013
    Hi everyone !

    I will be moving out from this well designed and perfectly located appartment at the beginning of August.

    The apartment is composed of 5 bedrooms in total and is located in People Square, 2min walk to the metro station (line 1, 2, 8). Around the compound you will find all necessary shops and retailers for any service you would need (2 supermarkets, 4 convenience Stores, 3 restaurants, etc)

    There are 4 very open minded and social roomates ( Californian, Ukrainian, French and Marroccan ). The appartment is well furnished ( expresso machine, mixer, stereo, wifi, climatisation, big TV, two sofas, many chairs... )

    There are 2 bathrooms and one open kitchen.Moreover a very cool rooftop is accessible and offers a large view toward shanghai ( see picture )

    The room is very spacious and composed of one Queen size bed, 3 closets, one large desk with a drawer and a very powerful air conditionning (which is well appreciated whith this hot...)

    318 North ChongQing Road, close to Wehai Road.

    - We pay electricity and water, around 200 RMB per month.
    - Ayi (Cleaning lady) : 50 RMB per month
    - Internet is included in rent

    Cleaning and maintenance:
    - Our sweet Ayii comes twice a week and helps us keep the house clean and welcoming
    - All maintenances are taken in charge by the landlord (plumber, AC, electricity, etc)

    An other room is available in the appartment for 4000 RMB !

    Need to schedule a visit? Text or call me on my phone number:
    One Three two six two two nine nine two zero two

    Hurry up ;) DSCN2088 copie.jpg DSCN2104.jpg DSCN2110.jpg IMG_2194.jpg
  2. Ju Mu

    Ju Mu Nouveau Membre

    20 Mai 2013
    I am very interested by the bedroom ! :)
    I am a French student, coming to Shanghai at the end of August but I will be ready to pay the month of August.
    I want to know if the 3200 rmb includes water and electricity?

    Thank you for you time
  3. lumae

    lumae Nouveau Membre

    15 Juil 2013
    Salut :)
    non comme il est écrit il faut compter 200 RMB a peu près
    pour les charges mais a 5 ça fait 40 donc 6euros par mois !
    On a notre propre connexion wifi par contre qui est incluse et qui marche
    tres bien !
    Jai déjà des visites demain donc si tu veux le bloquer dis moi vite ;)
    a bientôt !
    Si tu peux écris moi par mail : lucmaes@hotmail.fr
    #3 lumae, 15 Juil 2013
    Dernière édition: 15 Juil 2013

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