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Discussion dans 'Informations Chine' créé par king walmart, 8 Mai 2012.

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    [​IMG]At the 10-yuan brothel, “Rogue Yan” provided four men with free sexual services. One of them was an old man over 50, who upon hearing it was free asked why. “Rogue Yan” said: I was sent from Beijing. In this society, there are many things that are unequal… sex, surprisingly is also unequal.
    From iFeng:
    [h=2]Investigation into 10-Yuan Brothel sex workers: Majority from rural areas, treat prostitution like farming[/h]“In many of China’s hidden yet visible corners, commercialized sex is a kind of unbelievably low-cost operation. Severe punishments and police raids have not made these “10-yuan brothels” disappear, where the problems like disease and violent crime grow and fester in dark corners…”
    The basement is pitch dark, there are no windows, and is more like a damp cave. The only source of light is a light bulb by the bed, which hangs overhead from a long cord.
    Wu Xianfang wraps the light bulb with a puckered red plastic bag, the harsh light becomes red and soft. It’s said that a woman’s skin looks the best under this kind of light, that one’s wrinkles can’t be seen.
    Wu Xianfang is 48 years old, her body plump. From behind, she has straight jet black hair, and no one can tell it is gray hair dyed. A single mattress takes up half the space of the room. All day long, she either lies or sits on the bed, waiting for customers.
    In this small hostel renovated from an old arcade live thirty to forty of Wu Xianfang’s “sisters”, the oldest of them already 62 years old. Mothers from the rural countryside over the age of forty make up the bulk of these sex workers.
    The locals call this kind of place a “10-yuan brothel”. The customers are usually local old men, or middle aged migrant workers from out of town.
    The price of every transaction varies between 10 to 30 yuan, and with such meager income, these impoverished sex workers still face the risk of fines, disease, violence, and discrimination.
    “You can tell if they have a disease or not”
    The county town where Wu Xianfang lives has a population of over a million people, with three to four bathing centers, forty to fifty leisure & massage parlors, and about fifteen hostels involved in providing sexual services.
    Some people in the industry have ranked sex workers into four levels: the most expensive ones are at night clubs such as “Heaven on Earth”; the “ding dong princesses” of hotels and bath centers in second; third are those in massage parlors, leisure parlors, and hair salons that charge over a hundred


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