work in china

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    Offre Stage Business Developer/ Technical Sales Engineer

    COMPANY DESCRIPTION BASSETTI China is part of an international group established in 1992 in France and it has a Str0ng presence in Europe, North America, and Asia. BASSETTI Group is specialized in Technical Expertise Management®, offering different products targeting the needs of the technical...
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    Language exchange - french, chinese, english

    I am working in B2B food service industry by using English quite often as working language. I see the urgency in myself to pick up my French again and to improve it as much as possible recently as French cuisine plays such a big role in the food service industry. Therefore I am here looking for...
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    Quality Engineer Intern in Shenzhen(China)

    Asia Quality Focus is international year, dynamic and fast growing company Offering inspection, factory audit and lab. Testing services in 14 countries in Asia. We invite competent and self-motivated Individuals to join our team. AQF offers attractive remuneration package and year career...