1. crunk

    Offre Emploi Chinese Assistant

    Hi, I am looking for a Chinese Assistant to help me with daily and work related tasks. The requirements are pretty simple; - Native Chinese with good English and/or French - Age: From 22 years old - Being reactive - Fun and relaxed Bonus Points if; - You are interested/knows about...
  2. T

    Je souhaiterais apprendre le chinois sur Paris via un échange. (I wished to learn chinese in Paris)

    Few words in English. In case someone from China who doesn't speak French but who want to learn it, you're welcome! I'm Asian guy, lives in France. I speak French and English. My english isn't not really good, but just enough to discuss... Maybe, I hope! I wished to learn chinese in Paris with...
  3. M

    partager des experiences et des conseils sur la chine

    Bonjour ! Nous sommes un couple franco-chinois et nous souhaitons partager avec d'autres personnes notre passion pour la Chine. Si vous êtes interessés par ce pays, nous avons une chaine Youtube pour permettre aux gens de mieux le comprendre et de voir à quoi il ressemble. De plus nous y...