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Beijing, China

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Apprenti, de Beijing, China

UBC en concert pour la première partie de 龙神道 le 13 juin 2014! 2 Mai 2014

Dernière visite de UBC:
29 Nov 2014
    1. UBC
      UBC en concert pour la première partie de 龙神道 le 13 juin 2014!
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    Site web:
    Beijing, China
    Early 2011 the Ultimate Band Crew aka. UBC was formed in Beijing, at the meeting of three artists. The band features King DF and Miguel Lafleur coming both from Yaounde Cameroon and General Huge from Lyon France. UBC creates and mix most of the instrumentals themselves. Their style offer Reggae, Ragga and Hip-Hop vibrations, also sometimes the band incorporate Soul and R’n'B touch.
    Miguel Lafleur is a singer already known in his country; he was a member of the famous Cameroon reggae band Sumanja. He is a songwriter and has two albums to his credit. His style ranges from reggae to dancehall and soul. Back in Cameroon he was an actor in productions for television but also a football player in the amateur league.

    King DF is the rapper of the band, combining a mixed style between US Hip-Hop and Franco-African Rap. He is a songwriter and has participated in many festivals and showcases. He have to his credit many featuring with famous Cameroonian artists.

    General Huge is a Ragga-Reggae-Dancehall singer and songwriter. already known in France. He have by now two albums to his credits, one with the French singer Matt’ and a solo album. Nonetheless he made several projects with other performers from Lyon, such as Max, Papyrool or Y_A from 4as prod.

    The Ultimate Band Crew is performing with a unique style. Combining many cultures and music approach, in order to create a dynamic, a message of hope, of peace and unity.