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17 Fev 2011, à 05:53
26 Jan 2011
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17 Fev 2011
    1. stomba

      I'm currently in Shanghai for minimum 3 months and I'm a native French and also American. My mothertongue is French.
      I currently teach french to kids but I'm also very interested in learning Mandarin. I'm currently in Fudan studying Chinese, my speaking is basic but I think we can help each other !
      My mobile phone is 186 2150 3460
      My QQ is 1463207994
      Please contact me as soon as you have free time, we can organize either a meeting downtown or in yangpu !
    2. lowfou
      Aww sorry I wrote in french... I was saying that I currently don't have a chinese mobile number since I'm not in china now but I'll be in Shanghai for 6 month in the beginning of march. So if you wanna contact me now, I can give you my skype or msn adress :)
    3. lowfou
      Ok cool ! En fait je vais aller a shanghai pour les études le 3 mars donc je n'ai pas encore de numero de telephone en chine mais sinon je peux te donner skype ou msn :)
    4. TsuangS
      Salut toi!

      Maybe you have a phone number where I can join you? By the way I am quite busy these days so I will call you in about a week to discuss un petit peu.

      Merci beaucoup!
    5. lowfou
      Hi !

      I'm a french native speaker, I can teach you french !

      If you can teach me mandarin in exchange, it would be nice :)
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