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8 Juin 2009
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30 Juin 2009
    1. ginniev
      Bonjour Monsieur,

      Je vous écris pour vous faire connaitre mon intérêt pour votre offre.

      Je suis française, bilingue anglais, de bonnes bases de chinois, des notions d'allemand et d'espagnole.
      J'ai un bachelor de marketing management, un de commerce international option gestion financière et un master de management franco-chinois, je penses donc avoir le panel de connaissances nécessaires à la mise en place d'une société.

      J'ai déjà plus d'un an d'expérience professionnelle en Chine et plus particulièrement à Shanghai en tant que Business development manager.

      J'ai également travaillé dans un bureau de représentation d'une compagnie de logistique et participé à sa mise en place, je sais donc les challenges qui attendent les petites structures tentant de s'imposer en Chine.

      J'aimerais vous faire parvenir mon CV si ma candidature a capter votre attention, voici mon adresse email: virginie.verardi@gmail.com

      Mlle Verardi
    2. davidung
      Dear Sir,

      I am a French student currently in my last year of Master Degree in the Sino-French program of international affairs in ICD, a business management school situated in Paris. Since September 2007 I've been following the same program in the well known Fudan University in Shanghai, majoring in logistics management. As I will graduate this coming June 2009, I am looking for a position in your company.

      Since the beginning of February 2009, I have started my internship with a trading company as China business representative. Working completely independently, I had the opportunity to deal with projects I developed fully, from the purchasing part to the selling part. Difficult as it may seem to be, this internship has challenged my limit and uncovered my hidden potential. I have embarked on a vital learning journey, and have come out of it with a better knowledge on China's exportation system and practices.

      Born in an Asian family, I however have received more than a decade of Western education in France, and then being in China for the past two years to immerse and understand Chinese culture, education, language (I can speak French, English, Chinese mandarin and Chaozhou dialect) and the country itself, I believe I am an East-meets-West hybrid that is prepared and confident enough to stand up to the globalized world of today.

      I sincerely hope to be able to clinch a position opportunity in your very fast-expanding company, to exchange perspectives and learn from the professionals here. I also hope to contribute effectively to your respected organization through my accumulated skills, knowledge (learned in both ICD Paris Business School and Shanghai Fudan University) and professional experiences in the logistic field, eventually leaving as a more all-rounded individual with a broadened world perspective.
      I hope I will have an opportunity to meet you in person, so as to discuss my personal situation in more details. You can contact me either by emails or phone, my phone number is the following: (86) 130 321 910 87.

      Could you please provide me a email address so that I can send you my CV and cover letter in French, English and Chinese language.

      You can also contact me directly on my email adress David53@gmail.com

      I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Yours sincerely,
      David Ung
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