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20 Mai 2010, à 09:20
13 Mar 2010
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20 Mai 2010
    1. mattoxelo

      My name's Matt, I'm 21 years old.
      I'm actually working as a Communication Manager in Decathlon Huamu (Pudong) for 3 months and I intend to find a flatshare near people square.
      Indeed, it's located in the center of Shanghai and it's 15 minutes far from my work with the subway.
      As I'm looking for a flatshare really urgently I'm available to settle in from 9th June.

      Some things about me, I'm friendly, musician and always up for going out.
      It doesn't matter being with french people considering that I'm always talking english at work.

      I must say that it's the most interesting announce I saw actually.
      Could you give more informations about your flat? (How many roomates, which nationality?)
      So if you're available I'll leave my office tomorrow around 5-6 PM, could it be possible to visit your flat around 6:30 PM?

      Thanks in advance,


      Phone number : 135248549
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