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Minh Vuong Ta
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11 Juil 2017, à 08:01
11 Juin 2015
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Minh Vuong Ta


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11 Juil 2017
    1. Minh Vuong Ta
      Minh Vuong Ta
      we just finished our Show in Nantong 27.8.2015
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    Our offices are located in 4 different locations around the world. In Kempten and Dusseldorf Germany there we are focusing on European style, doing cad designing for fabrics and interior design. In New York on the 5th avenue a full time working design studio there we have designers on salaries and also freelancers that are focusing on hand painted designs for bedding and fashion designs for the us market.

    Starting 2006 in shanghai we built an office that specialized in screen printing design. There we combine designs that we get from the other locations and create the collections.
    In china we have an exciting multicultural team of designers that are working together for the Asian market. We are very interested in bringing interns with fresh spirit to our nice environment.
    We have the privilege to work with artists around the world that will visit each other and together we create collection with different inspirations.