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Camille ALNET
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6 Juil 2015, à 03:08
22 Juin 2015
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2 Juil 1992 (Age: 25)
Hong Kong
Stagiaire GateGourmet Hong Kong

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Camille ALNET

Nouveau Membre, Homme, 25, de Hong Kong

Bonjour, Je m'appelle camille alnet et je cherches un job dans les industries alimentaires. 22 Juin 2015

Dernière visite de Camille ALNET:
6 Juil 2015
    1. Camille ALNET
      Camille ALNET
      Bonjour, Je m'appelle camille alnet et je cherches un job dans les industries alimentaires.
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    2 Juil 1992 (Age: 25)
    Hong Kong
    Stagiaire GateGourmet Hong Kong
    Camille ALNET

    20 Aguilar Street 4/F ML15,

    Central, Hong Kong

    Cellular: +852 53780626


    Food Engineer Student from Polytech Montpellier

    Personal Profile

    I am an ambitious and dynamic French student from Polytech Montpellier Engineering School looking for a challenging placement opportunity in the Food Science Industry.


    2014-Current: Post-graduated External student at City University of Hong Kong for the 5th year of Polytech MontpellierEngineeringSchools in Food Science and Technology (equivalent to Masters Degree).

    Modules: Logistics Industry, Operations Management , Logistics & Materials Management, Engineering Economic Analysis and Cantonese learning.

    Skills developed:

    - Leadership and team working: I successfully lead a working team for the completion of a microbiology report (carrying out the formation of a fermented milk product).

    - Analysis and synthesis: I realized the pasteurization of a soy bean juice and summarized it into a clear 20 page report.

    - Good oral and writing communication: I delivered a presentation on Cross-Flow Filtration to an audience up to 30 people.

    2013-2014: 4th year, Polytech MontpellierEngineeringSchools in Food Science and Technology (equivalent to Masters Degree)

    Modules: Food processing, Hazard analysis and critical control points, Food safety, Human Nutrition.

    2012-2013: Third year at Polytech MontpellierEngineeringSchools in Food Science and Technology

    Modules: Enzyme kinetics; Organic chemistry; Rheology; Polyamorphism Study

    2010 – 2012: Polytech Lille (equivalent to Bachelors degree)

    Modules: Microbiology; Biochemistry; Cell physiology

    2010: Baccalaureat General, Lycée Victor Grignard, Cherbourg, France

    Equivalent to British A-levels in Science


    Five - Months Internship at GateGourmet Hong Kong. April-August 2015

    GateGourmet Hong Kong is an airline catering company located at the Hong Kong airport. I was assigned with different projects, all based in the continuously improvement department. One of them was to establish the capacity of the unit through different departments in order to visualize and prepare future layouts for the company. I was also a part of a project which objectives were to integrate different processes from different working areas into a new cell layout. Creating then, in the preparation room, a one Airline flow where all the food preparation and packaging for all the different classes in a same airline would be realized. Based on the lean manufacturing model, gathering different food processes and preventing different wastes were the main goal to increase productivity and enhance the production line.

    Duties: Carrying out and implementing different projects in order to enhance the unit’s productivity.


    - Adaptation and Involvement: Even though I never had any experience in the airline catering business before the internship, I quickly learned how the unit was working in order to be an asset for the company. Working in a project team through management and communication skills was one of the key to success.

    - Logistic skills: Learning how to implement lean manufacturing model in different processes was both demanding and challenging at first. Implementing kaizens along with trials through the production line was a challenge to overcome in order not the affect and delay the production schedule.

    - Communication: As my first working experience in Asia, I had to join and integrate a different working culture. Passing through the language barrier and the local corporate culture made me realize that there were different ways to approach the people in order to make them understand your needs and requests.

    Three - Months Internship at Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN), Winnipeg, Canada. June-August 2014

    I was charged to carry out a project on a specific cooking process: Sous-vide cooking. Comparing the different sterols, fatty acids and vitamins levels in both chicken and beef meat through the regular cooking and the Sous-vide. The aim of this project was to verify whether Sous-vide cooking keeps and retains all the important nutrients such as flavonoids and carotenoids, unlike traditional cooking technique that causes the evaporation of all the nutritional compounds. Claiming thus a possible future nutritional health benefit for this cooking process.

    Duties: Extraction and quantification of all sterols, fatty acids and vitamins levels.


    - Flexibility and accuracy: I realized three specific and different extractions according to the different compounds. Followed by their analysis and quantification though both GC and HPLC.

    - Taking responsibilities: Working in a lab with worldwide Doctors and scientist asks a lot of involvement and commitment through the project. Also it involves taking new responsibilities and some risks in order to have the results ready in time.

    Summer Job – VINCI Corporation, La Hague, France. July 2013

    I was charged with the designing of technical specifications in order to build a new workplace at AREVA nuclear fuel reprocessing plan in La Hague, France.

    Duties: Writing several specifications according to the project’s advancement.


    - Adaptation and efficiency: I continued someone’s work and managed to provide a fresh and new perspective on the subject.

    - Team work / Taking information: Working with new people on a specific project requires many commitment and implication.

    Internship – AREVA NC, Cherbourg, France. July 2011

    AREVA is a world-leading nuclear company. I was charged to follow a team on the work of Hydrogen release of radioactive waste.

    Duties/Responsibilities: Writing the project progress in a 30 pages report.


    - Pro-activity and independence: Led studies independently ;

    - Good oral and writing communication: Interviewing people for a specific project requires good listening skills and the ability to translate people’s words into writing.

    French: Mother tongue
    English: Fluent (Toeic 925/990)
    Spanish: Conversational
    Cantonese: Currently learning


    Office Home Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

    Driving license


    Sports: Jujitsu, swimming.

    Travels: Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Europe